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Multi End Silk Reeling Machine

The machine is used for Production of High Quality International Grade Raw Silk from Bivoltene and Multivoltene Cocoons.

Standard Specifications:

Length 3.2 Mtr 4.49 Mtr 5.79 Mtr 7.08 Mtr 8.38 Mtr
Width 1.52 Mtr 1.52 Mtr 1.52 Mtr 1.52 Mtr 1.52 Mtr
Production/8Hrs 4.8 Kg 7.2 Kg 9.6 Kg 12 Kg 14.4 kg
Motor 3 Phase 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP 1.5 HP

1. Machine Frames are made of Cast Iron. Bottom, middle, top and side frames are machined at the joining places. The entire machine is mounted on a MS channel of 75x40x6 mm size which is sturdy and vibration free.

2. The drive arrangement is provided on one side of the machine and is simple in construction for easy maintenance of Gears, V Belts and other parts. The machine is designed to run in three speeds i.e. 120, 150 and 180 RPM. The Motor is of I.S.I quality. The machinery is fitted with appropriate Starter of standard make.

3. In the Transmission system the gears, Sprockets and other materials are of EN8 Material Hardened and Ground. Nylon gears are used in the machines where the friction produced is less and Wear and Tear is minimum hence the life of the gears is increased. Totally Sealed type Ball Bearing and pillow block bearings are used for friction less Drives.

4. Reeling Basins are made of 20 Gauge Stainless Steel 304 grade, with four partitions with Drain Out and Over Flow valves provided. The Steam and cold Water connections are provided to each Basin. 1/2" S.S.Ball valves are provided for controlling the Steam and Water. They are inter connected through a l0 mm, 14 gauge Copper tube.

5. Machine is fitted with Sensitive Individual Reel Stop Motions to stop the reel automatically whenever the tension in the reeling thread increases. Effective Planetary type thread distribution is provided to avoid silk ridging.

6. Jette bouttes are made of Nylon material fitted over SS/Brass Sleeve having a hole of 6 mm firmly fitted over a Stainless Steel 304 Plate 2mm thick. The Fasteners in the Jette boutte Plates are of S.S material to prevent rusting. Plastic Croissure pulley of good quality is provided. The drive to the Jette Bouttes is provided by a Jette Boutte Gear Box by a 5mm dia Polyurethane belt. The Clutch System is provided to stop the Jette Bouttes whenever required.

7. Reels are made of Nylon material of 100mm width and 670mm circumference. Nylon Bushes with buttons and spring are provided to the reels and groves are provided on the Chromium plated Reel shaft for effective contact with reels.

8. Nylon Button clip mounted on S.S L Clamp is flexible in motion to avoid breakages of yarn due to interruptions by slubs in reeling. Good quality reeling Buttons of exact hole size is supplied.

9. The motor stand and the top portion of the machine is covered by a 20 gauge C. R. sheet. The entire machine is painted with light Grey paint. Chromium plating, Nickel and Yellow plating is done to avoid corrosion wherever necessary.

Accessories: Variable Mikki Pulley where the speed can be adjusted to 120 RPM to 240 RPM, Tachometer to read directly the Reeling Speed, Brushing Unit, Electrical Panel Board and Generator will be at extra cost.