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Electrical Hot Air Drier

Stifling and Drying of Cocoons, Pupae and Silk waste

Capacity: 20 kg, 35 kg, 50 kg, 75 kg and 100 kg drying Capacity can be made. It can also be designed to Customer Requirement.

1. The Chamber is made of 18 gauge C. R Sheet outside and inside depending upon the capacity. Cocoon Trays are made of 1/2" Square G.I Mesh or Aluminum perforated trays depending upon the requirement.

2. The glass wool Insulation is provided on all the sides to prevent heat loss.

3. To Control the temperature, Electronic Digital Temperature Indicator with Controller or Blind Temperature Controller are provided to control and indicate Temperature as per the customer requirement.

4. For better air circulation inside the chamber, fan with suitable motor is provided.

5. The heating arrangement is provided by sheathed Air Heaters. For Safety M.C.B, Fuse, Starters and Thermal Overload Protection Relay for fan motors are provided.

6. The temperature Control accuracy is +/- 2C and it is finished with heat resistant aluminum paint internal and external with Opaline Green color.