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Reel Permeation Chamber

Wetting and Soaking of Raw Silk on Small reels before Reeling.

Specifications: Capacity: 20 Reels
                              Length: 1.54 Mtr
                              Width: 1.09 Mtr

Power Requirement: Single Phase 1/2 HP

Standard Specifications:

1. The Vacuum Tank chamber shell, Top Lid and Bottom plate are made of 3mm Stainless Steel 304 grade material and neatly polished. The size of the chamber is 750mm diameter and 625mm i4 Height which holds 20 Reels per Batch for Permeation.

2. The Vacuum Chamber is fitted with a 0-700 mm/Hg vacuum Gauge, Air Inlet Valve, S.S/Brass ball valves for draining out water.

3. Stainless Steel Flanges are welded on top of the chamber and lid and a groove is machined on top portion Flanges in the Chamber and Neoprene rubber gasket is provided to prevent air leakages.

4. The Vacuum Pump with a 0-250 Liters per minute air displacing capacity is supplied where the vacuum created in the chamber is within 20 seconds. We use the best quality vacuum pump so that frequent maintenance is not required. The Vacuum Pump, Air Expansion Chamber and Vacuum tank are interconnected by a 25mm Nylon braided hose Pipe.

5. Air expansion Chamber is provided in between Vacuum Tank and Vacuum Pump to prevent moisture and water particles enter in to the Vacuum Pump.

6. Four Numbers of Reel Immersion Stands are supplied.