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Closed Type Re Reeling Machine

Re Reeling is to transfer the raw Silk Reeled on small reel to a large Reel of 1.5 Meters in Circumference of a standard size Skeins.

Standard Specifications:

Length 2.75 Mtr 3.5 Mtr 4.51 Mtr 5.43 Mtr 5.58 Mtr
Width 1.37 Mtr 1.37 Mtr 1.37 Mtr 1.37 Mtr 1.37 Mtr
Motor 3 Phase 1HP 1HP 1HP 1HP 1.5 HP

1. The bottom frame and top frame of the machine is made of rectangular and square 12 Gauge Steel tubes.

2. The entire Machine is covered with 18 Gauge C.R sheet on all sides, top and bottom, The bottom portion of the Reeling Machine is covered by 24 gauge Stainless steel 304 grade, and fitted with Exhaust Tubes for moisture removal. The entire machine is mounted on a MS channel of 75x40x6mm size which is sturdy and vibration free.

3. 5 Silk hanks re- reeling in each window can be done. Each window is covered by a tilting spherical cover made of 2.5 mm transparent acrylic sheet for effective drying of Silk and to prevent heat loss.

4. Each reel is of 1.5 Meter in circumference, the hub is made of LM6 Aluminum material with 6 spokes in which 4 Nos are fixed and 2 are collapsible. Brass wing nuts are provided for the collapsible spokes. The wooden Battons are made of good quality seasoned Teak wood neatly polished. Proper Individual Brakes are provided for each reel so that they do not rotate in the opposite direction and stop with minimum rotations.

5. Nylon Bevel Gears of 16 teeth and 25 teeth of 3 Module are used for traverse arrangement where the friction produced is less and wear and tear is also minimum and life is increased. The traverse system is designed to obtain Neat Diamond Formation of Silk on the reels.

6. The Drive System is provided on one side of the machine. It is fitted with a motor 960 RPM of I.S.1 Quality and the chain drive is provided for effective transmission of power. It is designed to run at three speeds i.e. 120, 150 and 180 RPM. The machinery is fitted with an appropriate starter of a standard company.

7. Steam line pipes are of 42mm diameter. 5 Nos C Class ISI M.S Pipes are provided. The main steam header is of 100mm diameter and condensed Water Drain of 50 mm diameter. It is fitted with a Float Type Steam Trap, Pressure Gauge with Siphon, condense water draining valve and I " Steam Stop Valve which ensure proper drying of Silk.

8. Sealed type Ball Bearings and Pillow Block bearings are used for smooth, frictionless drive and less power consumption.